Did you know that the biggest organ in your body is not your heart or your liver but actually something you wear on the outside? Adults carry around 3.6 kilograms of skin making it the biggest organ we have. Skin has many important tasks as it guards our body from damaging sunlight and dangerous chemicals. Still, many of us don’t give enough thoughts on how we treat our precious skin. Instead of giving it the best products it deserves, we might use products that contain harmful chemicals and microplastics.

I have over ten years of experience as a massage and lymph therapist. I’ve used a wide variety of natural body care procedures such as lymphatic therapy, honey massages, and peat therapy to improve my clients’ health. I’ve seen all the damage wrong or too little skin care can cause and I was convinced I’ll find a product that can be economical, eco-friendly and gentle for your skin all at the same time.

Then I came across dry brushing technique and its many health benefits and now we are running a small family business to help you maintain or improve the look and feel of your skin with tried-and-true products and methods that help your skin help itself.

Dry brushing is an easy way to make skin care a routine which not only betters your skin but gives a fresh boost to your daily life. By dry brushing, you can smoother your skin, avoid ingrown hairs, improve circulation and even reduce cellulite! By dry brushing your dead skin, the absorption of oils, lotions and creams increases which makes your skin look smoother and healthier. Not to forget the fact that instead of collecting plastic bottles and pots you are doing a favor to our dear planet earth as you choose to use products that are natural and eco-friendly.

This network is a passion for me and my family and our first and foremost mission is to gather and share our knowledge about natural skin care and its wonderful world as well as provide products that make your skin care routine easy.

Your skin takes good care of your body – now it is time you take good care of your skin. And we are here to help.