Boar Bristle Hairbrush


UNTANGLE & SHINE: With soft boar bristles supplemented by rounded nylon pins, the
Rosena men’s and women’s hairbrush gives you everything you need to care for your hair
in one natural bamboo paddle brush with an ergonomic handle. Now you can enjoy a
healthy head of hair without relying as much on chemical-based hair care products.

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: The nylon beads untangle those stubborn snarls while at the
same time massaging your scalp, then the boar bristle brush distributes natural sebum
from the root to the tip of every follicle to create shiny, bouncy locks without the frizz.

NATURAL HAIR CARE: Now there’s no need for a separate detangler brush or to use
chemical-based serums or in-hair conditioner; brushing for a few minutes twice a day with
our boar bristle brush will ensure your hair product gets where it belongs while promoting
rejuvenation of your scalp and eliminating dandruff..

SUSTAINABLE STYLE: Bamboo is among the most sustainable vegetation on the planet, and
boar bristles can be clipped without the animal even noticing they’re gone. These two
materials plus nylon and rubber make a sturdy, ergonomic bristle brush for hair both thick
and thin that will be on your sink for years to come.

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